Founding members:

Peter Michalik


Peter holds a degree in sociology. He is freelance consultant with a specialisation in election, electoral systems, voter registration, advanced statistical methods and CSOs. He worked as political and social analyst in the field of public opinion polls, where he was also responsible for research methodology. Since 1997 he has worked as election expert, statistician, trainer, coordinator, supervisor and observer with the OSCE, EU, IFES in Latin America, Africa, Asia, ex-soviet republics and the Balkans.

Robert Bystricky


Robert has a degree in Physics (Seismology) and PhD in Applied Mathematics. He is freelance consultant in the field of election, electoral systems, voter registration, quantitative methods, statistics and analysis. He has worked as university teacher of mathematics (and statistics) for 15 years. From 2001, he worked as an election consultant, trainer, supervisor and observer with OSCE, EU and other international organizations and NGOs in dozens of occasions in Balkans, ex-soviet republics, Africa and Asia.